SOZO is a Greek word meaning wholeness 

wholeness in spirit

wholeness in soul (mind, will, and emotions)

wholeness in body

Sozo is a gentle and effective inner healing ministry that identifies the problems that are hindering your personal connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Once these barriers are removed you will hear and know God better and walk more freely in the destiny to which you have been called. 

A Sozo team will minister to you in a friendly, confidential and relaxed atmosphere. The session may take up to two hours and each session is uniquely different as we rely on the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Sozo is based on forgiving those who have hurt us and identifying lies we may believe about God, others and ourselves. As we receive the truth from God these wounds are healed, strongholds are broken and 'doors' to the past are closed.

You can continue to use the tools on your own to maintain your freedom and increase in intimacy with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit but we recommend a yearly Sozo check-up. 


“ I feel so much closer to Father God and no longer feel he’s angry with me. I know I can trust Him to be with me whatever situation I face. My confidence has really grown in my ability to hear God’s voice speaking to me”
God showed me a lot of lies I had believed about Him and myself, and He has replaced them with His truth. I am now able to experience His love in a new and tangible way. It brought freedom and understanding to areas of my life that had previously been closed and misunderstood. I found sozo to be very powerful and life changing.”
I found the healing, peace and breakthrough I had been looking for”